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“ Cool Off Under The Crops ”


“ Cool Off Under The Crops ”



On May 22, 2021, Mr. Yuan Longping passed away. He once said, "I had a dream in which my rice plants grew taller than sorghum, and the ears were longer than brooms. The sun was shining, and my colleagues and I sat in the shade of those rice ears to cool off..." To commemorate Mr. Yuan's great contributions and aspirations, we have chosen the Yuan Longping Hybrid Rice Science Park in Chengdu, Sichuan as the location to design the pavilion.



Drawing inspiration from Mr. Yuan's "cooling off under the crops" dream, we incorporate full rice ears as design elements into the design language, combining pavilions with the imagery of cooling off under the crops. This creates a pavilion centered on commemorating and recalling Mr. Yuan's legacy. Additionally, it provides a resting place for field researchers and laborers to cool off, and a stopping point for visitors to observe the fields.

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