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This is me

An INFJ-T who loves exploration, constantly striving to expand my comfort zone. I don't want to be defined by numbers and titles, firmly believing in "follow excellence, success will chase you" -- 3 Idiots, 2009

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Music has accompanied me throughout my growth, imbuing me with delicate thoughts and wild imagination. I started learning the electronic organ at the age of four and the piano at seven.


In 2013, I obtained a Grade 9 certificate in piano from the Central Conservatory of Music. In 2016, I held my personal classical piano recital.


During high school, I joined the school choir and vocal groups. During the college entrance examination, I obtained qualifications in music engineering and sound directing from the Communication University of China.


Even now, when I need to relax, I'm more than willing to sit in front of the piano.


Read & Sketch


Ranging from professional books like "The Art of Game Design" to criminal novels by Jo Nesbø, from Kant's classical philosophy to the literary works of Yasunari Kawabata, I have explored a wide range of literature. I also attempt to write short stories, but I haven't translated them into English, so I haven't included them here.


Additionally, I occasionally sketch. Although sketching and doodling are more like essential skills for designers, I still enjoy sitting quietly and listening to the sound of pencil rubbing against paper.

What's More

I’m also passionate about engaging in various sports. My best time for the 100 meters is 12.2 seconds, and I can do four different swimming strokes. I have also tried basketball, soccer, rugby, badminton, tennis, frisbee, and so on. Undoubtedly, sports are enjoyable and a great way to relieve stress.

My travels have taken me to most of China. For me, experiencing different regional cultures and customs is very interesting and inspiring. Organizing photos and videos from my travels is also very meaningful.


Of course, I have tried to post videos on social media. For example, during the period of COVID-19 lockdown, my roommate and I filmed and edited videos of our college life during the pandemic and posted them on Bilibili (a Chinese social media platform). They received a decent number of views.

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